Laser engraving

Laser Engraving – material or coated top surface layer removal. The process is used to focus high-power laser beam, which destroys the surface.

Engraving process is computer controlled, it allows rendering images in digital formats. Generally speaking, laser engraving is the material burning exactly as set in computer program. The laser beam works the material, so the engraving area change material structure. Burnt material is eliminated and the remaining surface changes the structure, which depending on the material, but its surface is usually darker.

Laser engraving characterized in the quality and durability, which is achieved by a laser beam. Laser Engraving advantages are very clear, solid and durable design conveyance, you can engrave on nearly every possible surface, most of the notes or images made by laser equipment can be regarded as durable.

Laser technology enables to engrave images on such materials on which it is not possible to engrave by any other technology. Laser engraving process is fully automated, so avoiding errors, defects and reduces the cost of larger orders.